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Wolf of My Heart Series

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Andee Rivera has no idea what she's getting into when she saves Jonah Killebrew from drowning in a chilly mountain lake. He's badly injured--wild animal bites from the look of his wounds--and as a fledgling healer, she wants to help. But his bites are more than they seem, and all the herbs, potions and salves in the world may not be enough to save him.  
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Cassidy Norris has no choice but to believe in love at first sight when she meets Brody Anderson. But there's more to Brody than meets the eye, and he tries to keep his distance from Cassidy. He's in danger and doesn't want her to be, too. When Cass is kidnapped in spite of all his efforts to keep her safe, Brody does the only thing he can do--resort to the supernatural to save her.
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Tehya Crane can't begin to guess why Rhyan Knox braved a snowstorm to seek out Chief, her shaman grandfather. She can tell he's already a shapeshifter, so doesn't need help walking the Wolf Way, the usual reason teenage Quantauk boys come around. Then Rhyan confesses his dual nature was not his choice. Will Chief cure this lone wolf Tehya could so easily love? Or will she have to do it herself, revealing secret shamanistic powers she considers as much a curse as Rhyan's shifting?
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WolfCrazy2015 (2).jpg
Zeke Sterling, the love of Skyler Walker's life, went missing over a year ago, leaving her an emotional mess. Now he's standing on her front porch with an earring and tats, still unaware that she adores him. If she dares believe his crazy story of abduction, teen gangs, and werewolves, will they both be wolf crazy?
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Kidnapped at eighteen, secretly bitten and turned, Bronte Hannigan has lost over a year to a cruel Were and his wolf pack. Now that her Alpha's crimes have finally caught up with him, she is determined to make a new life. Photographer and performer Erik Thorne lives alone in a cabin, surrounded by miles of Missouri woods. He's at peace with his solitary world until a very special girl in a stolen truck literally crashes into it. 

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Mattie Sheppard has an obsession--wolves. While photographing and researching them, she meets Cam Halter, who keeps to himself and just might be running from his past. Cam demands that Mattie destroy all photos taken of a magnificent white wolf she spotted. Trying to get to the bottom of Cam's crazy request, Mattie gets only cryptic answers. But that puzzle is nothing compared to the mystery of her growing feelings for him.

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While delivering meds in Hecate Woods, Wyoming, Anabeth Gray finds her favorite author and friend, Sam Ollson, on his kitchen floor. Sam's daughter promptly ships her dad to Laramie for his recuperation and asks Anabeth to pack up his house. Anabeth agrees, but only because she loves Sam, who writes books featuring witches, werewolves, and ghosts. Logan Dalton, a friend of Sam's, suddenly shows up. Way more than just another hottie with an attitude, Logan has come to get Sam's help with something of a supernatural nature. But with Sam out of the picture, Anabeth is the only person he can turn to. Can they work together without killing each other.

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Lily Vincent is heading toward her cousin's house when she sees a guy in an arm cast trying to change a tire. Cade No-Last-Name is not very friendly, something she blames on his embarrassment at being saved by a girl. When she sees him days later with some guys at a local pub she walks up and congratulates him for getting his cast off. Cade's answer? "Baby, you've got the wrong guy." That gets a derisive laugh from his boisterous friends. Certain he's really Cade, she has to wonder--is he embarrassed, forgetful, or hiding the truth from his "friends"?

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