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From Uncial Press

The Psy Squad Series


Kate Lawless, nineteen, is all alone in the world and struggling at the moment to make ends meet. Although answering a World Security League all-call for psychics is dangerous in these phobic times, she is tempted by the promise of reimbursement for just showing up. Nikolai Zycov, a Russian member of the WSL team, is assigned to her. While he claims that he's only interested on a professional level, he won't stop meddling in her personal life. Kate finally asks to work alone and is given permission in spite of Nikolai's objections. Only then does she realize how unpredictable and dangerous her psychic gifts can be. And having an annoying Russian around? Well, sometimes that's not a bad idea.


Caleigh, a fledging empath, is thrilled to be at the Rutledge Institute aka "Psychic High." She has three goals: fit in at the institute, earn her high school diploma, and get a handle on her psychic gift. Miles has too many psychic talents to count. His cocky self-assurance and his know-it-all attitude annoy Caleigh. But in the classroom, he is all business. Caleigh is irresistibly drawn to that professional, mature persona, and soon they discover that they work well together. Because of this, the World Security League asks them to help a young woman who survived a mass murder in which five of her friends were brutally slaughtered. Her memories of the horror are repressed. Miles will have to hypnotize her to get the answers needed to solve the case. As for Caleigh, she'll monitor the emotions of their subject to avoid irreversible trauma. Simple enough, right? Only if things are really what they seem.


Erin sees ghosts, the reason her dad thinks a school for psychics is a good idea. Unfortunately, her mom doesn't agree, so Erin has to run away to do it.  Nervous, shy, and doubting her abilities, she's still able to connect with a couple of other students. But it's only when Erin meets Trace, a stonemason helping renovate the school, that she begins to relax. Trace is wonderfully blue-collar like her dad, and she feels very grounded whenever she's with him. But even down-to-earth Trace has his secrets. And the nature of them could be another problem Erin has to worry about.


Shiloh Nilsen lives at one end of the street. Nathan Conti lives at the other. In all her eighteen years, they’ve never met in the middle. Nothing changes until Shiloh loses a treasured family heirloom--a ring that dates back centuries. Desperate to find it before her mom figures out it’s missing, Shiloh crashes a birthday party just to meet Nate, who is supposedly psychic. Unfortunately, Nate’s conclusion about the ring’s location isn’t at all what Shiloh was expecting. And before she knows it, she's caught up in evil only Nate can help her get out of.

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When Dani Donovan got a new heart, she also got something else--psychic abilities. Knowing things she shouldn’t know has taken some getting used to. Wanting to know more about her gifts, Dani decides to answer a World Security League call for psychics to help in the capture of the world’s most wanted criminals. She heads to a Birmingham hotel so her new abilities can be tested. There she meets another psychic, Ren Mallett, who bursts into her mind while she’s trying to read his. Although Ren and Dani part ways after the testing, distance doesn’t hinder their connection. But when she finally gets where Ren should be, he's is nowhere to be found. She finds out that he’s working undercover and seems to have lost contact not just with her, but with everyone.


Emily Storey has just flipped her entire life: new town, new apartment, new roomie, new job. She has even gone blonde and lost some weight. What Emily hasn’t managed to do is kick other people’s random thoughts out of her head. That’s no easy feat for a psychic, especially one who has spent the last three years training to enhance her abilities, not suppress them. When Emily volunteers to feed the homeless, Detective Bastian Rossi talks about safety at her orientation meeting. He recommends staying detached. Emily tries, but keeps intercepting random thoughts of the people on the street. One voice is particularly threatening. Should Emily confide in Detective Rossi, who already has his hands full with a local serial killer?


While overseeing renovations on Harvey House, the family inn, Maddie realizes she can see dead people, specifically her own ancestors. While that's kind of cool, it's also worrisome that they’re still hanging around. Maddie hopes they will move on, a goal complicated when her folks ask "professional" ghost hunters to investigate the place. Horrified, Maddie begs all her dead kin to hang out in the basement until the ghost hunters leave. Maddie quickly realizes she doesn't need to worry. These guys are clearly faking...well, four of them are. Videographer Ben is different. Could he be the real deal? Because if he is, he's surely seen Clancy, the playful family ghost who just won't stay hidden.


RJ Banks is psychic. Her gifts are her dreams, the reason she keeps a dream journal to help her figure out the location of whatever most-wanted criminal the World Security League has assigned to her. She loves her "dream job" until she has one about herself on a plane that crashes. Although tempted to blow off the dream, she fears it has something to do with plane tickets she just bought so she can fly to Florida for her parents’ anniversary. Nate, her supervisor suggests driving might be smarter. He also recommends that she hire a bodyguard to go with her and even gives her a name: Wyck Hardy. Wyck has experience in personal protection, but he thinks psychics are psycho. Will this trip with be an eye opener for him? Or for her?

LilyAn Kerry, librarian at the Rutledge Institute for psychics, couldn’t be happier. Her Jackson, Wyoming apartment is miles away from her bossy dad and three older brothers. At twenty-four, she’s independent and loving it, the reason she avoids long-term boyfriends who might make demands or get serious. Etan Trahan, a tough-as-nails Special Agent, is staying with friends while recouping from wounds received during his latest mission. LilyAn and Etan meet at a charity carnival the WSL sponsors every year. She is dressed as a gypsy to tell children their fortunes. Etan enters her tent and asks to hear his. He is flirty and funny; she instantly responds to him. And why not? A guy who'll leave town in two weeks is the best kind to date. But Caprice, the mysterious voice in LilyAn’s head that nudges her impulsivity, seems to have a plan of her own this time. It begins with two deadly gunshots and the valiant instincts of a true hero. Can it possibly end in true love?


Skylar Conrad, a translator, is at the Yellowstone airport waiting for Alex, her engineer boyfriend, to deboard his flight from Brazil. Just as she realizes he's a no-show, she spots the last deboarding passenger, a man holding a sign with her name on it. Chris "Hawke" Hawkins has bad news for Skylar, a woman he has never even met. Her boyfriend is marrying someone else. A coworker of Alex, Hawke can't stand the idea of Skylar waiting for a guy who doesn't deserve her. His solution? Tell Skylar the truth himself since he's already flying home to spend Christmas in Wyoming with his foster parents. The airport was just a little side trip and well worth it if he can right a wrong. Can Hawke be as honorable as he seems? Skylar obviously can't trust her own judgment--Alex is the proof--but there may be a psychic gift that can help if she can figure out  how to use it.

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