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Riley McConnell loves living in San Antonio while she attends the University of Texas. Her major: public health. How she wishes she could forget advertising for a housemate to share the rent. But her part-time job selling tacos in a mall food court just isn't cutting it. Zander Bennett is also separated from his family, but for far different reasons. A veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, he prefers living in a trailer park near Brook Army Medical Center where he receives care for injuries sustained in Afghanistan. Zander is a physical and emotional wreck, and the psychic gift that was an asset overseas is now as useless as his military training. Or so he thinks, until he spots a zombie in the mall food court on Halloween night.  Zander's skin actually crawls, a feeling not experienced since his return to the states. Should he warn the pretty girl being spied on? Or is his paranoia just another symptom of his troubled state of mind?

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SomewhereMiddle (2).jpg

Though Everly Sayers makes every effort to be friendly to new student Roone Thorsen, he doesn't actually acknowledge her until he needs help with physics. Tall and a little on the teddy-bear side physically speaking, Roone falls somewhere in the middle when it come to the guys in her senior class, words actually imprinted on the black cause bracelet he wears. Turns out they have more than seventh period study hall in common. They're both avoiding dating if for different reasons. Since the best way to deter wannabe suitors is to be involved in a real relationship, they decide to fake one even if it means they'll have to show up at the Christmas dance as a couple. That night is an eye opener for Everly on several levels. First of all, Roone is quite a sight in his tux, which shows off his muscular frame instead of camouflaging it the way his boxy casual clothing does. Second, the kiss they share just for show somehow rocks her world. And third, with a flick of a finger, Roone mysteriously maneuvers a rogue chandelier that crashes to the crowded floor, saving a lot of dancers in the process. Or did he? Not quite believing her eyes, which suddenly have hearts in them, Everly is reluctant to admit that Roone is not only as far from somewhere in the middle as possible, he just might be out of this world.

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When Jenny Jefferson agrees to help her sister open a B&B, she doesn't know that Jase Edwards will be working there, too. Jenny and Jase have history--an angry encounter at her sister's wedding four years ago. This time around their chemistry is as intense and supercharged as the lightning snaking down from the storm clouds overhead. Not even a mischievous house ghost can distract them from each other. But something far more sinister lurks in the shadows, and its eye is on Jenny. Can she and Jase unravel the mystery of the house's tragic past before history repeats itself?

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Mia Tagliaro was born with the ability to communicate with the dead, the reason her parents sent her to a weekend camp for kids with similar talents when she was just eight. With the help of seasoned clairvoyants, she learned that she wasn't a freak at all. There were lots of other people just like her, in particular a boy camper her age named TC, who got vibes from the living and the dead. By the end of their stay, Mia and TC had shared more than just secrets about their "sidekicks," their nickname for psychic abilities. They shared a first kiss and a vow they'd never lose touch. That was then. Now eighteen, Mia is quite comfortable in her skin and frequently passes along messages to the living from departed friends and family. She also helps the police with missing person cases, loving the rush she gets when the lost are found. Though she hasn't heard from her first crush, TC, for nearly a decade, Mia still thinks of him. So it's quite a shock when they run into each other at a school dance. Tall, athletic, and definitely gorgeous, TC, who calls himself Cooper now, seems just as amazing as she remembers. Then he tells her that his sidekicks deserted him years ago and actually uses the word freak when talking about them. Even worse, he lies when he says they can be friends again. Just when Mia is ready to give up on him, the ghost of Cooper's dad begs her to try a little harder. But how can she reach a guy who not only thinks she's a freak but deliberately keeps his distance? 

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Serena Montgomery has a secret psychic gift: when she touches someone for the first time she sees a flash of color that reveals that person's soul. That makes it hard to ignore Dugan Donovan, who flashes as blue as her own juvie judge mom. In fact, Serena is sure he's perfect for her. Unfortunately, Mom, who has seen Dugan in court, is just as certain he isn't. And though Serena wouldn't mind a secret boyfriend, Dugan won't cooperate. It's mutual need that finally brings them together. Will their "Cinderella Swap" remain strictly business?

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Livvie Merrick hates the psychic gifts that make her different and cause nothing but trouble in her life. That's especially true when she has a vision that the school's star quarterback will break his leg. Naturally Livvie warns him--a warning misconstrued as a curse when it comes true. That makes for a lonely senior year until Alex Sawyer moves to town. Livvie is quickly lost in his big blue eyes. And though it's clear that Alex is as attracted to her, she knows the day will come when he finds out what a freak she really is. What neither of them knows is that Alex is different, too, and the psychic gifts Livvie despises may be exactly what she needs to save him.

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Ally desperately wants "normal" for her half-sister Kayly, something she never had herself thanks to her liberated mom. First on her list of to-dos is contacting Kayly's dad, who promised he'd stay out of Kayly's life just as Ally's own dad once did. When Kat leaves the country on assignment, Ally drops in on the guy to introduce him to his baby daughter. But Kayly's dad doesn't live there--her half brother, Zach, does. And his shocking offer to help Ally find "normal" is nothing compared to what happens next.

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Myki Swenson has issues. Three months ago, her parents were murdered. Now her big brother Ray has dropped out of college to be there for her, just one more thing to feel bad about. Though weekly visits to her shrink have helped a little, Myki thinks that her nightmare journal is helping the most. That's because she has devised a "dream scheme" that means reworking each one to give them the happy ending she hopes she'll one day have. In spite of Ray's support, recovery is a solo journey until Myki meets Josh Quinn, the new delivery guy at the ice cream parlor where she works. He's willing and eager to be not only an emotional ally, but much more. Does she dare risk loving and losing again?

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No wonder Keely Laine has a chip on her shoulder. Her mom is missing, her dad’s in prison, and she has special abilities most people don’t appreciate or understand. Further complicating her situation, she’s one of the so-called Granger gang, a group of misfit teens living in foster care…but not for long, at least in Keely’s case. In a matter of days, she’ll be eighteen and an adult according to state law. How will she ever manage on her own? Sawyer McCabe, one of the Lejeune High’s elite, has had his eye on Keely for a while. She’s got brains and beauty in his opinion, but even the support and advice of her Granger friends can’t get him over the moat and past the invisible dragon guarding her private castle. 

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SnatWars2017 (2).jpg

Everything should've changed the day vampires and shapeshifters came out to the world six years ago, but it didn't--at least not for Gabi Daniels. She still sleeps, eats, runs, and goes to school. And when she's out in public, she still can't tell if the people she passes on the street are humans or actually Supernaturals, a.k.a. S'nats. No one else can, either, which is the problem. If S'nats have actually populated the globe for eons without anyone knowing, what else might be lurking out there, ready to pounce? Then Gabi's dad, a lawyer, defends a vampire accused of murdering a human. His high-profile win results in threats from S'nat haters. To keep Gabi safe, he hires WatchDogs, Inc., a personal protection agency with bodyguards that actually shapeshift into dogs. Fray Matsen, a Rottweiler, has his work cut out for him and not just because he finds Gabi a big distraction. Logically, the threat should be human, but there's a lot more going on. Will his human strength and canine senses be enough to keep Gabi safe?

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Seventeen-year-old Leah Baker lives a pretty normal life considering she has no memories before the night State Troopers found her walking down a deserted highway at age six. Sure she'd rather have a real family, but she's happy enough at Pringle's Home for Youth, even if "Mad" Matilda Crawford, the woman in charge, has it in for her. One of the reasons for Leah's contentment is Matt Wright, also seventeen. Her best friend and secret crush, Matt makes life tolerable, and Leah dreads the inevitable day he will turn eighteen and leave her behind. What Leah doesn't know is that there's nothing inevitable about her future, and when the mysteries in her past, including an old love, finally catch up to her, she and Matt will face challenges neither could have imagined.



When nineteen-year-old Raquel McKnight's car is stolen from the mall parking deck on Christmas Eve, she is sure that her family's jingle bell jinx has struck again. And then she runs into her eighth-grade beau Gabriel McKnight. Although his kisses say he never got over her, she can't help but wonder if he's somehow part of the jinx. Has the holiday hex finally come to an end? Or will she add a broken heart to a long list of Christmas calamity?

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Petal and her best friends Megan and Laken, all misfits, are looking for fun on Halloween.But when they go to the "haunted" house on Willow Lane intending to find out if a witch really shows up at midnight, they run into the very classmates who snub them. Will the three of them finally be accepted? And what will happen when a mysterious black cat comes out of nowhere?

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Ever (2).jpg

Mei Li and Rune have been best friends since the eighth grade, sharing high and lows as they approach graduation, sympathize with each other over broken hearts, and share their dreams for the future. Mei Li wants to attend MSU, get a degree in computer graphics, and someday find her perfect match. Rune, the star athlete, has similar hopes…until his eighteenth birthday, when his so-called parents inform him that he's part of a top secret android experiment called E.V.E.R. and may not be human. Will Mei Li's support be enough to get him through his nightmare of uncertainty? And what will happen when best friends finally realize they just might be something more?

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Though Maggie Redmond expects to get a wannabe jack o' lantern when she drives her twin brothers to The Pumpkin Patch, she actually winds up with more. Brendon Fletcher, handsome grandson of the owner, can't take his eyes off her. Naturally she's thrilled when he calls her later, asking if he can tag along while she takes the boys trick or treating. Can this be true love? Maybe...but only if they survive the plans a nefarious black cat has for them.

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Mistletoe Magic.jpg

Jordyn Patrick, daughter of Magycal parents, has waited eighteen years for her powers, but so far...nothing. To make matters worse, her parents have separated, which means she must drive from Arkansas to Tennessee through a blizzard to get to her dad's for Christmas Eve. When her car skids off a lonely highway and slams into a tree, Rio Scott rescues her. She quickly figures out he's Magykal, too. His offer to drive her to her dad's is a shocker, but nothing compared to what's waiting for them when they get there.

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Rylee has no idea there are witches in the family when she chooses that topic for her senior paper. Tired of high school, she's ready for college and hoping she'll finally cast aside her geeky image and make a fresh start socially. Unfortunately, what she casts is a spell on an unsuspecting male student. And trying to un-cast proves to be not only tricky, but downright dangerous.

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FAEted 1500x2250.jpg

Leeloo Brantley never dreamed she'd run into Nate Marshall, her long-time secret crush, after he graduated high school the year before. Yet there he is, standing in Festivities, her mom's party shop, a few days before Christmas with his brand new stepsister, four-year-old Anna. Nate tells Leeloo he's babysitting Anna while their parents honeymoon. Leeloo tells Nate he's not up for it, a fact proved when he calls her in desperation later that night begging for help. Certain this is an early Christmas present straight from the elves, Leeloo eagerly agrees. And as the three of them begin to hang out under the decorated tree, Nate actually seems to see her with new eyes. Then a weather front brings scary thunderstorms no four-year-old can love. Though Nate assures Anna he'll keep her and Leeloo safe forever, Leeloo has to wonder if he really means it or is simply trying to soothe a beloved little sister who's afraid of thunder.

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Holly Snow can't help but notice the cute guy who's playing Santa in the mini-mall where she works. Since his costume hangs off his lean frame, she suggests he stuff his fur-trimmed red jacket with bubble wrap. Noel Winter not only takes her suggestion, he lets her help with the stuffing. Does that mean she might have a chance with him? Maybe in a perfect world. Unfortunately, Haven, Alabama, home to every species on and off the planet, is far from perfect.

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Brooklyn would do anything to help her senior friend Maria, even steal herbs from a garden at midnight on Midsummer's Eve. Unfortunately, Jamie is watching when she slips into his back yard and now she's caught!

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Sister (2).jpg

Jilly is camping with her dad and triplet older brothers when something falls out of the sky, literally, and lands at her feet. Is it a bear? A mountain lion? No, it's a guy named Tye, and his story is even crazier than  his tumble to earth.

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At a time when the existence of preternaturals is not necessarily believed by humans, Camryn Jacobs, direct descendant of witches persecuted at Salem, has a problem. Fireman Declan Walsh, a fáelad lycan straight from Irish folklore, is standing on the historic Jacobs House front porch at two in the morning with an infant car seat on his arm. Asleep inside it is a witch baby surrendered in accordance with the Mather, Massachusetts’ “baby box” law, which states that infants may be left in a customized vault at the fire station—no questions, no blame, no repercussions—if the parent/s cannot care for it. Declan asks if Camryn will take the baby to her coven tomorrow to get help figuring out what action to take. Once he pleads his case, Camryn can only agree that this little one can’t go to foster parents who aren’t preternatural, too. Declan doesn’t mention that he’s had his eye on Camryn for a while, the reason she popped into his head the moment he saw the magical baby. Impulsively, Declan throws out an offer to stay all night and help with things. Surprising herself as well as him, Camryn agrees. As the hours pass, they care for Rainy, the temporary name they’ve given her,  and learn about each other. A definite spark is ignited, but there’s hundred-year snowstorm raging outside that could put it out, as well as the coven’s head witch, Oona, whose shocking personal agenda will threaten not just their budding feelings for each other or even the baby, but Camryn’s beloved house as well.

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