Short Reads and Novellas


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About Caught! – Brooklyn would do anything to help her senior friend Maria, even steal herbs from a garden at midnight on midsummer’s eve. Unfortunately, Jamie is watching when she slips into his back yard and now she’s Caught!

About Spell Fail – Rylee has no idea there are witches in the family when she chooses that topic for her senior paper. Tired of high school, she’s ready for college and hoping she’ll finally cast aside her geeky image and make a fresh start socially. Unfortunately, what she casts is a spell on an unsuspecting male student. And trying to un-cast proves to be not only tricky, but downright dangerous.

About The Jingle Bell Jinx – When nineteen-year-old Raquel McKnight’s car is stolen from the mall parking deck on Christmas Eve, she is sure that her family’s jingle bell jinx has struck again. And then she runs into her eighth-grade beau Gabriel McKnight. Although his kisses say he never got over her, she can’t help but wonder if he’s somehow part of the jinx. Has the holiday hex finally come to an end? Or will she add a broken heart to a long list of Christmas calamity?

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About Sister Golden Hair Surprise and the Cruiser – When seventeen-year-old Jilly, who is camping with her dad and brothers,gets lost in the woods, a teen boy drops in–literally–to save her.

About The Problem with Pumpkins – Though Maggie Redmond expects to get a wannabe jack o’ lantern when she drives her twin brothers to The Pumpkin Patch, she actually winds up with more. Brendon Fletcher, handsome grandson of the owner, can’t take his eyes off her. Naturally she’s thrilled when he calls her later, asking if he can tag along while she takes the boys trick or treating. Can this be true love? Maybe…but only if they survive the plans a nefarious black cat has for them.

About The Curse of Willow Lane – Petal and her best friends Megan and Laken, all misfits, are looking for fun on Halloween.But when they go to the “haunted” house on Willow Lane intending to find out if a witch really shows up at midnight, they run into the very classmates who snub them. Will the three of them finally be accepted? And what will happen when a mysterious black cat comes out of nowhere?

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About One Shifty Santa – Holly Snow can’t help but notice the cute guy who’s playing Santa in the mini-mall where she works. Since his costume hangs off his lean frame, she suggests he stuff his fur-trimmed red jacket with bubble wrap. Noel Winter not only takes her suggestion, he lets her help with the stuffing. Does that mean she might have a chance with him? Maybe in a perfect world. Unfortunately, Haven, Alabama, home to every species on and off the planet, is far from perfect.

About Mistletoe Magic – Jordyn Patrick, daughter of Magykal parents, has waited eighteen years for her powers, but so far…nothing. To make matters worse, her parents have separated, which means she must drive from Arkansas to Tennessee through a blizzard to get to her dad’s for Christmas Eve. When her car skids off a lonely highway and slams into a tree, Rio Scott rescues her. She quickly figures out he’s Magykal, too. His offer to drive her to her dad’s is a shocker, but nothing compared to what’s waiting for them when they get there.

About E.V.E.R – Mei Li and Rune have been best friends since the eighth grade, sharing high and lows as they approach graduation, sympathize with each other over broken hearts, and share their dreams for the future. Mei Li wants to attend MSU, get a degree in computer graphics, and someday find her perfect match. Rune, the star athlete, has similar hopes…until his eighteenth birthday, when his so-called parents inform him that he’s part of a top secret android experiment called E.V.E.R. and may not be human. Will Mei Li’s support be enough to get him through his nightmare of uncertainty? And what will happen when best friends finally realize they just might be something more?

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About FAEted – Leeloo Brantley never dreamed she’d run into Nate Marshall, her long-time secret crush, after he graduated high school the year before.  Yet there he is, standing in Festivities, her mom’s party shop, a few days before Christmas with his brand new stepsister, four-year-old Anna.  Nate tells Leeloo he’s babysitting Anna while their parents honeymoon.  Leeloo tells Nate he’s not up for it, a fact proved when he calls her in desperation later that night begging for help. Certain this is an early Christmas present straight from the elves, Leeloo eagerly agrees. And as the three of them begin to hang out under the decorated tree, Nate actually seems to see her with new eyes. Then a weather front brings scary thunderstorms no four-year-old can love. Though Nate assures Anna he’ll keep her and Leeloo safe forever, Leeloo has to wonder if he really means it or is simply trying to soothe a beloved little sister who’s afraid of thunder.

About Merlin’s Magic? – Raised by an elderly grandmother and spinster aunts after the death of her mom, Aimee Kendall has lived a sheltered life. Now that everyone she loves has died, she is on her own and trying to get on with her life. Step one of that process is detaching herself emotionally so that she’ll never again experience the pain of losing a loved one. Step two is resisting the efforts of her widowed landlady to annihilate step one. Senior citizen Rose Reinhardt is as lonely as her renter and can’t understand why Aimee resists all her offers of friendship and keeps to herself. Enter Mick Doonan, Rose’s in-your-face great-nephew, there for Rose’s birthday. From the moment Aimee and Mick clash, she is drawn to him and can’t understand why.  He’s loud; he’s nosy; he’s bossy. He’s also gorgeous in a rough edges sort of way, and, she quickly realizes, totally irresistible. Does she dare lower the emotional barriers that protect her heart? Or should she simply wait for Mick to barge right through them?


Psy Squad Series

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About Most Wanted: Kate Lawless, nineteen, is all alone in the world and struggling at the moment to make ends meet. Although answering a World Security League all-call for psychics is dangerous in these phobic times, she is tempted by the promise of reimbursement for just showing up. Screenings take place in a hotel conference room. When hers goes very well—a shocker—she is checked in so that she can undergo further testing. Staying at the ritzy hotel is quite a treat for Kate. The Christmas decorations are beyond beautiful. The festive background music reminds her of past holidays, most of them celebrated with a foster family or with other kids living in the youth ranch or orphanages that have been her life since the age of two. Her holiday plans this year? Enjoy this surprise vacay to the max, take the money, and pay her past-due rent.  Nikolai Nycov, a Russian member of the WSL team, is assigned to her. While he claims that he’s only interested on a professional level, he won’t stop meddling in her personal life. He comes off as deliberately distant one minute; helpful, the next. Although annoying, this actually intrigues Kate, as does the fact that her clairvoyance gets a psychic boost whenever Nikolai is physically close. Distracted by her growing feelings for him, she finds it harder and harder to lock onto Mbali Tinibu, the ruthless Sierra Leone civil war criminal she is helping the WSL locate. Kate finally asks to work alone and is given permission in spite of Nikolai’s objections. Only then does she realize how unpredictable and dangerous her psychic gifts can be. And having an annoying Russian around? Well, sometimes that’s not a bad idea.

About Psychic High – Caleigh, a fledging empath, is thrilled to be at Rutledge Institute a.k.a. “Psychic High.” She has three goals: fit in at the institute, earn her high school diploma, and get a handle on her psychic gift. Miles has too many psychic talents to count. His cocky self-assurance and his know-it-all attitude annoy Caleigh. Even worse, he’s gorgeous  and knows it. But in the classroom, he is all business. Caleigh is irresistibly drawn to that professional, mature persona, and soon they discover that they work well together. Because of this, the World Security League asks them to help a young woman who survived a mass murder in which five of her friends were brutally slaughtered. Her memories of the horror are repressed. Miles will have to hypnotize her to get the answers needed to solve the case. As for Caleigh, she’ll monitor the emotions of their subject to avoid irreversible trauma. Simple enough, right? Only if things are really what they seem.


About Here and There – Erin has problems. Her parents are divorced. Her stepdad is a jerk. Her real dad, while willing to help her run away from them, insists that she hole up in a high school for psychics so she can complete her senior year. Why does he think this is a good idea? Well, that would be problem number four–ghosts. As in, she sees them, the reason Dad thinks specialized schooling is a good idea.  Although Erin has doubts, she quickly learns that high schools are pretty much the same everywhere. In fact, the only difference in this school and her last is the number of students who attend–way less–and her afternoon classes, which are all held in the Mind Studies Annex.  Since Mom is certainly looking for her, Erin keeps her circumstances a secret. Nervous, shy, and doubting her abilities, she’s still able to connect with a couple of other students. But it’s only when Erin meets Trace, a stone mason helping renovate the school, that she begins to relax. Her beloved dad is a mason, too. Trace is wonderfully blue collar. Even better, he’s not a mentalist like most of the guys on campus are. In fact, she feels very grounded whenever she’s with him. But even down-to-earth Trace has his secrets. And the nature of them could be another problem Erin has to worry and wonder about.

About The Hurt Handler (Available in 2018) – Shiloh Nilsen lives at one end of the street. Nathan Conti lives at the other. In all her eighteen years, they’ve never met in the middle. Why? Because he attends a special school for psychics in Wyoming while she goes to their neighborhood public school, Dillon High, right there in Montana. Nothing changes until Shiloh loses a treasured family heirloom–a ring that dates back centuries. Desperate to find it before her mom figures out it’s missing, Shiloh crashes a birthday party just to meet Nate.  If the local newspaper is right, he has psychic gifts. She hopes one of them will help her out of a mess she can only blame on herself. Nate reluctantly agrees to accompany her to a local ghost town, the last place she wore the ring. With the weather getting worse by the minute, they search everywhere she hiked until the skies open up and they’re forced to take shelter in the ruins. Huddled there, they talk about his psychic abilities, a conversation that opens Shiloh’s mind to what’s really out there. Unfortunately, Nate’s conclusion about the ring’s location isn’t at all what Shiloh was expecting. Instead of getting closure, she’s faced with a new dilemma. She can either confess everything to her mom, who will be crushed, or she can confront the person who has the ring, a guy who, according to Nate, gives off some very bad vibes.