For ten years Nancy Howard and I have been working on a young adult fantasy series called The Guardian of Balmythra.  Since we live in two different states, a lot of emails and packages flew back and forth during that time, and I couldn’t begin to guess how many hours we spent on the phone. But it was a labor of love. So I’m very excited to announce that Book 1 of the series, Balmythra, is now available in print or e-book from


Book 1 – Balmythra



Seventeen-year -old Leah Baker lives a pretty normal life considering she has no memories before the night State Troopers found her walking down a deserted highway at age six. Sure she’d rather have a real family, but she’s happy enough at Pringle’s Home for Youth, even if “Mad” Matilda Crawford, the woman in charge, has it in for her. One of the reasons for Leah’s contentment is Matt Wright, also seventeen. Her best friend and secret crush, Matt makes life tolerable, and Leah dreads the inevitable day he will turn eighteen and leave her behind.  What Leah doesn’t know is that there’s nothing inevitable about her future, and when the mysteries in her past, including an old love, finally catch up to her, she and Matt will face challenges neither could have imagined.